Immediate Edge System Review: Yay or Nah?

Wealthy person because of crypto

Cryptocurrency trading has widely expanded and has produced wealthy people—to millionaires and billionaires, throughout time and around the world. It has multiplied the money of not just those who are expert traders but even the money of mere commoners.

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Further, crypto trading has especially been a trend right now especially that most people are staying at home during this recent pandemic crisis that the world is experiencing. Lots of people, even those without trading experience, have been able to earn through this crypto trading. They are not just simply earning, but they actually EARN A LOT! Some even earn profits that are much higher than their salary! Lots have become jobless, but successful crypto trades have been a help to these people to continue earning even within the comfort of their homes. But how is it possible, especially to those without trading experience? Basically, because they register and partner with automated trading robots. These auto traders do most of the work for them, and what makes success rate a lot higher is because of the A.I. (artificial intelligence) that is founded in its systems. This allows fast data transmission and excellent analysis of the crypto market amidst its very unpredictable changes.

This is why it is very important that you choose an excellent auto trading platform to help your trading experience be successful. With that said, learn more about Immediate Edge, one of the best auto trading robots out there and has a lot more in store for you to make your trading experience very beneficial.

About Immediate Edge


Immediate Edge is founded by Edwin James who have earned billions through crypto trading. With his experience, he decided to create this auto trading software with a group of intelligent software engineers and other expert traders to share his trading strategies and help other traders ace their game in trading cryptos. They came up with this excellent automated trading robot that excels in the cryptocurrency trading market by providing beneficial trades to each and every user. It is also established with the most advanced technology and security softwares to ensure the excellency of its services.

Immediate Edge System: How It Works

Immediate Edge is an automated trading platform that is created with excellent algorithms to help users with their trades in the crypto market. This utilizes the suggestion of trades that the user may take to earn profits. Because of the outstanding algorithm, the system can detect profitable trades by gathering large amounts of data and information for as fast as milliseconds and critically analyzing it with the programmed artificial intelligence in the software. In an automated setting, it will guard the market 24/7 for you and may open and close trades according to your specific parameters thus allowing you to earn even when you are sleeping!

Highlights of Immediate Edge: All It Has To Offer You

Security software of Immediate Edge
  • Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) Algorithm. Immediate Edge is established with AI so it would only detect profitable trades for the system.
  • Profitable Trades. The software of Immediate Edge is set to suggest trades that will only be beneficial to its users.
  • Manual Trading is Supported. If you are a seasoned trader and want full control with your trades, then this is for you!
  • Multiple Cryptocurrencies Available. Immediate Edge works with multiple cryptocurrencies and you can choose as to what crypto you want to trade.
  • Easy Registration. Signing up is very simple in which you only have to provide general details and set up your account.
  • User Friendly Platform. The app is hassle free to use that even those not tech-savvy will easily be familiarized with the platform system in no time.
  • Safe and Secured System. Lots of security software are encrypted in Immediate Edge’s system to assure the protection of every user’s account, information, and money.
  • Transparent Transactions. The platform is detailed with its financial statements so users can easily track their money. Each and every trade earnings or loss are recorded.
  • Easy and Fast Cash Out. Withdrawing your earnings is never a hassle because you can do it anytime and easily by just requesting a withdrawal that is immediately processed and transferred.
  • Device Friendly. Immediate Edge app is available in all kinds of devices may it be via computer or mobile. It comes with a downloadable application that is accessible to Android, MAC, IOS and more.
  • 24/7 Customer Service. Support system is available round the clock ready to help you with your concerns anytime. You may contact them via the support section through live chat, send them an email, or talk to them through phone. They respond fast and effectively to your issues and concerns.
  • Many Satisfied Customers. Lots of satisfied clients have shared their great trading experience with Immediate Edge. You can find these testimonies on the internet. Most of these users are now earning thousands of dollars!

Register Now: Signing Up an Immediate Edge Account

Account registration of Immediate Edge
  1. Provide general details such as your first and last name, email address, and mobile number.
  2. Verify your details by accepting the verification notice sent to your email.
  3. Set up log-in details such as a username and password to safeguard your account.
  4. Click register.
  5. Deposit your investment for as low as $250 in the available online payment methods. You may choose to do it via Mastercard, Visacard, and more. Deposit is with no maximum limit, but it is advised that you start with the minimum funds required and gradually increase it once you are familiarized with the trading system. The money is all yours as well, it will serve as the money that you will use for your trades. No fees are charged by the system.
  6. Get partnered with a broker that will help and guide you with your tradings.
  7. Practice with a demo account. (The availability of demo account will depend to your assigned broker)

Demo/ Trial Account

Immediate Edge offers a demo account to its users so you can first try and practice first hand how the crypto trading works. You can practice making trades here without using real money. This is a very helpful way for you to familiarize yourself with the platform and the trading set up.

  1. Select your preferred trading settings.

Automated Setting

This setting is highly advised to be used by beginners especially if you do not have any experience in trading. With this mode, the trading robots will do most of the work for you. You just have to set your desired stop-loss parameters and the rest will be done by the robot. It will open and close trades according to your parameters. These robots are guided by an actual expert broker to ensure that only profitable trades will be done as much as possible.

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Manual Setting

If you are an expert trader and want full control of your trades, you may do so through the manual mode. With this, you can open or close trades anytime, specifically set your parameters and customize the rest of your trade settings according to your own conditions.

Advice to New Traders: How to Ace Crypto Trading

Although trading robots are readily available to help beginners in trading, it is still advisable for them to at least study about the cryptocurrency trading so they can have a more effective trading experience. Here are some tips that they can ponder upon:

  • Study and do research about trading. Trading itself is complicated especially when done through cryptocurrencies. It is crucial that you at least have some knowledge regarding both trading and cryptocurrencies to have a better understanding of how it works.
  • Be familiar with the cryptocurrencies. There are lots of cryptocurrencies available in the market that is why you should at least be familiar with each of it so you know the value of what you are trading.
  • Make use of the demo account. The demo account is there for you to practice your trading skills. It will provide you with a safe experience of doing trades that uses fake money but will exactly feel like the live trades.
  • Start with the minimum investment. Do not immediately trade high amounts of money especially if you are not yet a seasoned trader. It is safer to start with small amounts of trade and gradually increase it once you become more familiar with the trade set-up.
  • Invest only with the risk you can take. Only invest the extra or free money you have and not those that you could not afford to lose. Always keep in mind that all tradings have risk.
  • Trade consistently. Earning in crypto trading is a long term work. You do not just become a millionaire in a day. You have to trade consistently to also ensure continuous profit.
  • Be updated with the market. Always update yourself with the market trends on the internet. You may also join online forums so you can exchange information with other traders.

Pros and Cons of Immediate Edge

Immediate Edge may not be perfect but overall, it is a very beneficial and an excellent trading robot. Check out the many pros and some of the cons it has:

Win rate of approximately 85%May try trading via a demo/ trial account firstCustomization of trading parameters are availableVery accommodating support system (Available 24/7)Easy to use system/ platformImmediate and easy cash outDeposit for as low as $250No hidden fees/ chargesManual trading is availableWorks with other cryptocurrenciesCan still incur loss because of unpredictable changes in the market (15% loss rate)Demo mode accessibility is controlled by your designated brokerDoes not accept US clients or those with an American citizenshipNo detailed history and data about the team who created this software

5 start review

Positive Immediate Edge Reviews

“When I learned about crypto trading and decided to try it, I am really thankful that I signed up with Immediate Edge to help me with my trades! It has multiplied my investment to thousands that I can even quit my job now!” (Jon Mcburry)

“I just started trading with this platform for weeks and I earned triple my deposit by now! I am so excited to earn more! Thank you Immediate Edge!” (Dahlia Eve)

“Everyday I have money added to my account and I am still in awe!” (Steve Shuck)

“I am just a student and I really struggled with my finances that I have to work part time jobs. But when I joined Immediate Edge, I was able to earn enough allowance to quit my jobs and focus on my studies. Really worth the risk!” (Lily Evans)

Conclusion: Yay or Nah?

Immediate Edge is definitely a YAY in the crypto trading industry for both beginners and seasoned traders. It is a legit application that will surely lead you to be successful in the crypto trading market! All the features it offers will surely help you attain a hassle free and a worthy trading experience. It provides excellent service that will surely multiply the investments of every user and ensure happy and satisfied clients! It is with no doubt if some of their clients are now millionaires!

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Can I trade other cryptocurrencies aside from Bitcoin?

Definitely, yes. Immediate Edge works with all major cryptos such as Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP), Litecoin (LTC), and many more!

Is there an available Immediate Edge application?

Yes, there is an available application that you can download to either your computer or mobile devices. This allows you to have direct access with the software anytime and anywhere.

How much do I have to invest to start trading?

The minimum investment is only as low as $250 and you can use that to start trading. However, you may choose to invest more if you want to, there is no maximum limit of investment. The more you invest, the more profits you earn. (It is advised that you invest only the money you are willing to risk)

How can I withdraw my income?

You just simply have to request a withdrawal in the funds section of the platform and it will immediately be processed and transferred to your bank account for you. Immediate Edge is very transparent with every user’s financial statement.

How is the support system?

The customer service of Immediate Edge is very accommodating and is available 24/7. You can contact them via live chat, email, or through phone and they will respond fast to your concerns.

Are there fees that Immediate Edge charges?

No, it will not charge you any commissions or fees. The money you deposit is all yours to be used for trading.

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